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Kitchen Remodeling in Colorado Springs

Kitchen remodeling in Colorado Springs is very popular. As the center of the home, kitchens are an important space and a remodel in this area is a great way to increase both owner satisfaction and resale value. We’re well versed in kitchen remodels in the Springs area and would be honored to provide you with a fair and honest quote for your upcoming kitchen remodel. For your convenience, we’ve listed below some of the most common kitchen remodel questions we’ve encountered. If there’s something we’re not able to answer here for you, please feel free to contact us right away at 719-439-5420.


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On average, how much do you charge for a kitchen remodel?

There are lots of things that go into a kitchen. Some people are just looking for a facelift while others are looking for a complete demo and a chance to start from scratch. We’ve completed projects in the Colorado Springs area for as little $15,000 to an upwards of $150,000.  The very best way to get this question answered in regards to the scale of your kitchen is just to call (719) 439-5420 to start your estimate process today. It’s free and it’s easy!

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?

Kitchens are complex areas and the importance of doing them well and doing them right is imperative. How long it will take to deliver a quality job depends upon the scale of your remodel, logistics like the accessibility of the materials you want for your remodel (can they be picked up at a store in town today or do we need to place a special order?) and the year in which your home was originally built (are there things that need to be taken care of during your kitchen remodel to ensure that your new kitchen is up to current building code?). We are able to complete most jobs in a 2-4 week time frame.

Do I need to get a permit for a kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs?

Colorado law does require that a building permit be issued for a kitchen remodel. However, this is not something that you, our client, will be responsible for doing. We’ll provide you with an estimate for your kitchen remodel that will include all fees associated with obtaining the proper licenses to complete your job.

Do you offer help with kitchen remodeling design suggestions?

Some people know exactly how they want their space laid out, what amenities they’d like to have, and what colors and textures they want to include. Others have more of a general idea of what they need but would rather leave the how to get from concept to design process up to someone else. We’re more that happy to lend some suggestions and come up with a design plan that will make your space your new favorite place in your home. Schedule a design consult today by calling us at (719) 439-5420.

I have an idea of what I want and a desired budget. Can you tell me if I can get what I want for my budget?

Yes, we’d love to schedule a time to sit and talk with you about your kitchen remodel ideas as well as your budget. While quality work is something that we’re not willing to bend on, there are line items that are flexible enough to fit any budget. We’d be happy to review the options you have and put together a game plan for a successful kitchen remodel.

Can I get a gas stove put into my all electric house?

It is possible to install a gas stove into an all electric house but accommodations will need to be made to do so. We’ll have to carve out a space for a gas line and find a suitable space outdoors to place a tank and hook up your new gas line.  We have found that many people are also happy with making the switch from electrical cooking to induction cooking in situations where creating a gas hookup is unpractical and/ or cost prohibitive.

Can I reuse my kitchen cabinets in my remodel? Maybe have them resurfaced?

If you are happy with the amount of storage space that your current kitchen cabinets provide you with, we can reuse your cabinets in your remodel. If you’re happy with the storage space with unhappy with the aesthetics of your cabinets, we can explore the possibilities for resurfacing your cabinets. Either way, we’ll want to make sure that the integrity of the cabinets and the amount of cabinets you currently have will fall in line with your vision for your kitchen remodel.

How do we get started?

We’ll need some information from you but how you get us that information is totally up to you! You can submit for a free quote directly from our home page, request that we contact you by completing our contact form, or call us directly at 719-439-5420.

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  1. Contact us: First things first, we’ll need you to get a hold of us via phone at (719) 439-5420 or by using the form on our contact us page.
  2. Schedule an Appointment: Once we’ve gotten all your information, we’ll schedule a time that works best for you to come out and learn about your specific needs and desires for your bathroom remodel.
  3. Estimate: Once we’ve determined the scale and budget for your project, we’ll provide you with a written estimate for completing your remodel.
  4. Picking out Product: Selecting and purchasing new product for your bathroom remodel can be overwhelming. We can help! We’ll provide you with information on where to shop for products at reputable stores with the best price points in the area.
  5. Get to Work: We’ll get your project underway as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  6. Project Completion: We will work hard to ensure we meet your expectations, stay within your budget and meet the project deadlines.

We currently service the Colorado Springs Metro Area, Denver Metro Area and the Pueblo Metro Area. These areas include, but are not limited to:

Colorado Springs Metro Area

Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, Woodland Park, Divide, Falcon, Fountain, Security-Widefield

Denver Metro Area

Denver, Aurora, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Centennial, Englewood, Golden, Littleton, Lone Tree, Parker

Pueblo Metro Area

Pueblo, Canon City, Florence, Salida

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